• 产品名称: MK-1390
  • 产品分类: 激光雕刻机
  • 公司名称: 皮革振动刀切割机 布料裁剪机 激光雕刻机-济南脉宽激光科技
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[Model Features]
Closed design for effective control of dust and odor. High efficiency, good effect and high precision
[suitable materials]
Suitable for engraving and cutting non-metallic materials such as double-color plates, acrylic, wine bottles, wood boards, glass, rubber sheets, leather, marble, etc.

[Applicable industry]

Suitable for advertising, handicrafts, printing plate making, mold models, marble shadow carving and many other industries.

[Powerful software support]

LCD touch screen display, showing the processing path;
Adopt Taiwan original factory guide rail and slider, fast speed;
Fully transparent fireproof glass, safer and more beautiful;
High-power exhaust fan ensures dust removal and dust removal
Suitable for most non-metallic materials, truly multi-purpose
Power-off continuous cut function, the device can automatically remember the cutting state after power-off, and can continue cutting from the same place after power-on

[equipment advantage]

1, good optical system, stable laser power, long life
2, up to 500 laser perforations per minute to meet the needs of efficient production
3, high-precision stepper motor drive, advanced precision timing belt and pulley drive to ensure high-speed motion and good motion accuracy
4, with a waste collection box, it is more convenient to clean and cut waste
5, using advanced DSP control technology, can achieve fast continuous curve cutting
6, wide processing range, high degree of automation, full computer control
7, high precision, fast speed, stable performance, easy operation, easy maintenance

【Technical Parameters】

Fast curve cutting function

Any curve can be cut quickly and continuously

Support format

Full support for Autolaser, CAD, CORELDRAW, GERBER, Tajima and other design software, friendly man-machine interface

Multi-document function

It can store up to 500 job files, and users can select files on the engraving machine to completely realize mass production of 128 different products.

For the industry

Professional for garment leather carving, cutting, hollowing, trademark cutting, model making industry, acrylic, etc.

Processing area


Laser type

Glass cavity sealed CO2 laser (according to GB11748-89 standard) (optional RF excitation metal tube) wavelength 10.6um

Laser power

80w  100w  130w  150wOptional

Laser tube cooling

Pure circulating water cooling

Energy regulation

0-100% no segment control, software internal 0-100% adjustable

Control and drive

High-speed DSP control, stepper motor high subdivision drive

Engraving speed


Cutting speed


Operating Voltage

220v 50HZ

positioning accuracy


Total power


working environment



5%-95%(no condensation)

Software support format




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