• Imported linear guides and high-speed stepping motors and drives to make the cutting effect smooth and ripple-free;
  • The integrated frame structure design makes the machine run stably and without noise;
  • The operation is simple, the engraving sequence can be freely, the processing level can be realized, and the partial or all one-time output laser power...
  • Open type software interface, compatible with Autocad, Coredraw, Wentai engraving, Photoshop and other vector design softwares; equipped with water shutoff protector, better protection of laser, extended laser life...
  • Exquisite design; super-strength steel plate, industrial grade; effective guarantee of smooth running and life of equipment; double rail operation; belt drive; optional honeycomb/bar/plate/lifting;
  • Patented technology: unique upper and lower exhaust smoke and dust removal system; blowing protection; engraving and cutting materials.
1.High efficiency, high precision and easy operation
2.We are committed to providing the laser equipment supporting solutions for the majority of laser equipment manufacturers and end users.
3.Imported linear guides and high-speed stepper motors and drives for smooth cutting edges without ripples
4.Adopt integrated frame structure design to make the machine run stably and no noise
1.The body is a high-speed bed, fast, fast running
2.Air cut sheet, thin tube, low operating cost
3.Solve technical problems for customers
4.And provide mechanical, system, optical path, accessories and other integrated supporting services to provide customers with more convenient services.

Shandong Pulse Width Technology Co., Ltd. is headquartered in the beautiful city of Jinan, and has become a high-tech enterprise in Jinan. We are committed to providing laser equipment manufacturers and end users with integrated laser machine solutions. Our company has multiple laser machines. The industry's senior experts, specializing in solving various technical problems for customers, an...

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